Rhodes 19 Nationals

Hosted by Fleet 46 - Hingham & Hull, MA

August 21-24, 2019

Important Stuff

36 Entries as of 8/20/19

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Sailing Instructions (rev. 7/30/19)

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Regatta Merchandise

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Regatta Schedule

Tuesday, August 20

0900 – 1600: Measurement and inspection.
1300 – 1700: Registration, Hingham YC. (Note: may also be available 0900-1300 on Tuesday so please inquire at Measurement)

Wednesday, August 21

0900 – 1400: Registration, Hingham YC.
1600: Practice race.
1830: Annual meeting (pizza to be served), Hingham YC.

Thursday, August 22

1100: Competitors meeting at Hingham YC.
1300: First start, additional races to follow.
After races, refreshments at Hingham YC.
1830: Social at Hull YC.

Friday, August 23

1300: First start, additional races to follow.
1830: Banquet at Hingham YC.

Saturday, August 24

1100: First start, additional races to follow.
1400: No starting gun after 2 p.m.
After races; Cookout and awards at Hingham YC.

Note: The maximum number of races scheduled is 11.


Hauling and Launching is tide dependent at both the Hingham and Hull Yacht Clubs.  Here are recommended windows:

Tuesday, August 20:  1330 - 1730

Wednesday, August 21: 1400 - 1830

Saturday, August 24: 1600 - 2030

Parking at Hingham Yacht Club - You can park on Downer Avenue or in the club parking lot.  In the Club parking lot, you may double park blocking someone in but you must leave your car keys in the vehicle so it can be moved if needed.

Trailer Parking - available at the nearby Foster Elementary School, 55 Downer Avenue, Hingham.

Showers are available at both clubs.  Bring your own towel, soap, rubber duck, microphone, etc.

Raffle Tickets - will be available for purchase at $20 each (limit of 100 to be sold).  Prized include a Doyle jib and other great prizes!

Hingham and Hull launches can be reached on VHF Channel 71.  Hingham YC hours : 8am-10pm.

A purified water bottle filling station is available at Hingham Yacht Club next to the galley.

Lunch can be purchased with cash at the Hingham YC galley. Hours: Tues-Sat, 11am-6pm.

Overheard on the Porch

We’re looking forward to co-hosting, sharing our bay with the Rhodes 19 class and sharing the karma of our fleet with the national class!

Joe O'Neil, Hull YC

...a 40-boat fleet is entirely possible!

Mike Hebert, former Class President

Love the chance to make new friends and compete in a large fleet!

Barbara Wilson, Hingham YC